Australian online pokies are often viewed as the most popular casino attractions. There are certainly many reasons ensuring the popularity of this type of gambling. First of all, the point is that pokies are rather simple to play. You do not have to struggle with sophisticated rules to try luck in such games. Surely, diverse pokies work according to different principles. At first, it may be challenging to understand the winning combinations in slot games. Still, everything that depends on you is to place the stake and push the button. Such simplicity and the ability to win solid money with mere luck and persistence are essential features of slot machines that attract more and more people to such gambling attractions. But, which slot machine app is the most popular? In this material, we will try to give an answer to this question.

The most popular slot machine ever

When it comes to mechanical slot machines, one can mention Megabucks. It is a legendary slot machine with a long history and many legends surrounding its image. Even though Megabucks has been developed in 1986, it is still a popular attraction in multiple physical casinos. Perhaps, the point is that many gamblers know the history of this outstanding attraction, which makes them interested in touching the legend.

What makes Megabucks so special? First of all, it became the world’s first popular progressive jackpot slot machine. It is also important to mention that Megabucks is responsible for some of the biggest jackpots in the history of the gambling industry. In 2003, it allowed a software engineer win an impressive sum of $39.7 million at one of Vegas’s most iconic casinos, namely Excalibur. Other notable stories about Megabucks include the one of Cynthia Jay Brennan, a cocktail waitress who won $34.9 million at Desert Inn in Vegas, and the one of a retired flight attendant who managed to win a jackpot of $27.5 million at another popular Vegas casino, namely Palace Station. There is also a notable story of Elmer Sherwin. This gambler managed to win jackpots with Megabucks twice in his life. In 1989, he received a jackpot of $4.6 million, while in 2005, he repeated his success with an even greater prize of $21.1 million.

For sure, all such legendary stories attract much attention to Megabucks. Throughout many years, this slot machine has become a symbol of success. Unsurprisingly, Megabucks has soon become surrounded with some mysterious legends and scary stories. For example, there exist many myths about people mysteriously dying after winning a jackpot with Megabucks. In reality, such stories are vague and do not consider great numbers who became lucky with this game without facing any fatal outcomes. Meanwhile, high chances of winning with this game are completely real. Legendary jackpot histories keep on attracting more and more people to Megabucks.

Online gambling legends

When it comes to online pokies, it may be challenging to determine the most popular slot game. The point is that no casino publishes official ratings, and it is also almost impossible to determine the most popular slot games by state. In this case, we can mention numerous pokies that have enjoyed the most massive global popularity throughout the last years.


It is a 5-reel 10-payline slot game with a rather simple theme. What makes it special is the fact that Starburst offers gamblers impressive chances of winning. Starburst provides multiple bonuses with a maximum prize that is 50,000x the stake. The game also attracts the audience with its stylish animations and visual effects. For sure, it is one of the most popular products developed by a legendary gaming studio NetEnt.

Desert Treasure

Egypt-themed slot games are rather popular among gamblers from all around the world, including Australia. Desert Treasure is, arguably, the most popular attraction on the list of such slots. This game makes a player experience a long trip through the desert. The goal is to find an oasis and remarkable treasures hidden somewhere nearby. Apart from stylish design and memorable visuals, this product of Playtech attracts the audience with a high RTP rate and the 5,000x jackpot, which gives the luckiest gamblers great chances of getting rich.

Goblin’s Cave

This game is often mentioned on the lists of the most popular slot games of 2021. It gives a player an opportunity to set for a memorable adventure at goblin caves. The gambler’s aim is to find remarkable treasures. The critical point is to deceive a tricky goblin and get away with the money. One of the most remarkable points about Goblin’s Cave is that this game has a very high RTP rate (approximately 99%). It also has attractive visuals and rather simple gameplay, which makes it popular among gamblers that lack any significant experience.

Mega Moolah

It is an old player in the domain of online pokies. Mega Moolah has been launched by Microgaming in a distant 2006, and it still remains one of the industry’s most notable legends. What is so remarkable about this game? The main point is in the fact that the game became known worldwide after Jon Heywood, a British soldier, won a remarkable €17,879,645 payout. This event is still officially registered as the largest jackpot in the history of online slots. For sure, it immediately brought Mega Moolah a legendary status. This game is still a popular attraction at a broad range of online casinos. People keep on trying luck in Mega Moolah, driven by the desire to repeat the success of Jon Heywood.

A Night Out

It is just another legendary slot game that attracts the audience with its stylish design and visuals. The game transfers a gambler to the club, where he or she can get winning combinations composed of icons with attractive ladies and cocktails. The game has simple yet exciting gameplay and attracts the audience with a decent RTP rate. Another valuable point that ensures this slot game’s popularity is a remarkable 10,000x jackpot, which gives gamblers real chances of getting rich.

In conclusion

As it has been already mentioned, determining the most popular slot game is a very challenging task. When it comes to traditional mechanical slots, one can mention Megabucks. It is a real industry legend, notable for some remarkable success stories. Like any other legendary thing, Megabucks slot machine is also surrounded with some bizarre and even scary myths. It has also been one of the industry’s main symbols since 1986. When it comes to online slots, it is even more challenging to determine the most popular game. We have developed a subjective list of the most famous digital pokies, which includes such legends as Starburst, Desert Treasure, Goblin’s Cave, Mega Moolah, and a Night Out. Surely, this list may be expanded by other decent picks. After all, the online gambling domain is very rich in slot games, and their list is currently expanding. What we suggest is to avoid focusing only on the most popular pokies. You may find a little-known slot game that will bring you remarkable prizes. The key point is to be persistent and success-driven. In this case, you will definitely find your lucky slots.

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