What is the best time of day to play online slots? Pokies Review & Experience

Slot machines are often viewed as the main symbols of the gambling industry. There is nothing strange about such a state of affairs. The best online pokies for real money are simple in use and can provide gamblers with truly remarkable prizes. Every year, more and more people try luck in slot games, while a recognizable growth in the popularity of such attractions leads to the appearance of many myths about gambling. A common misconception is that part of a day can increase or decrease the chances of winning a jackpot. How does this myth affect gamblers? Why does it have nothing to do with reality? What are the roots of such legends? We will try to respond to all such questions in this material.

Is evening the best time for jackpots?

There exists a myth about late evening and night as the best time to try luck in slot games. Many gamblers follow this misconception and intentionally avoid slot games in the morning or in the afternoon. They wait till night to hit the “spin button” with a constant intention of getting rich. We can imagine those people, assured in their clear understanding of underlying casinos principles and ready for some real action late at night. Even if they start losing during night plays, they may still be confident about their approach. Such people think something like: “Well, it is not my time, but the next night, I will surely take the prize.” And, all such things repeat the next night. They may also repeat in the morning, in the afternoon, or in the early evening. They will repeat any time if a random number generator (RNG) decides so.

Casino players often tend to forget about the fact that a random number generator is responsible for everything when it comes to slot games. It does not distinguish day from night and is consistent in its randomness. This machine determines the outcome of a round once you push the “spin button.” After that, it only launches an animation that displays the predetermined results. This principle is quite simple and works in the same way both in the morning and at night.

Why do such legends appear?

Why do myths about the fact that a specific part of a day affects the outcomes of slot games even appear? The point is that there is a certain tendency regarding the occurrence of the biggest jackpots. Such situations are more common at evenings or late at night. The point is, surely, not in any specific pattern, but because of the fact that slot games are played more in the evening or at night.

Suppose, an ordinary gambler returns home after a hard-working day. It is already 7 PM, and this man definitely has to spend some time with a family and have a meal. When all such things are done, it is already 11 PM. A perfect time to go to bed? Well, not really. Our character still has some energy, which drives him to take his smartphone. There is always an opportunity to spend time before sleep scrolling the feed in social networks, watching YouTube videos, or chatting with one’s mates. Still, our character finds an even more exciting activity. He needs some money, which makes him pursue victories in an online casino. This man tries luck in pokies provided by his favourite website. He plays with a limited budget and has evident issues with getting winning combinations. The man keeps on spinning the virtual wheels while his budget keeps on shrinking. Suddenly, at one of the last spins of the day, the wheels hit a winning combination. The man cannot believe his eyes – he has won a jackpot of $3 million. For sure, he will not sleep this night! The next day, this guy starts spreading his success story among his colleagues, friends, and relatives. Probably, some of them are also interested in slot games. Probably, some of them will pay attention to the fact that the man has won his remarkable jackpot at around 11:30 PM. After hearing such a story, specific gamblers may start developing connections and assuming that the key to this man’s success is that he plays at nights. It is how such myths appear.

Surely, specific people may assume that morning is the best time for slot games if their hypothetical friend has won a jackpot in the morning. Meanwhile, the possibility that such a story occurs in the evening or at night is much higher than that it occurs in the morning. The reason has already been mentioned – most people play casino games in the evening. Everything else is pure statistics. If, in the evening, an online casino is visited by the number of people that is ten times higher than the number of morning visitors, the probability of a jackpot will also be ten times higher in the evening. No pattern, just mere math. Meanwhile, as we have already mentioned, some people do not consider such points, which makes them create myths that part of a day affects the outcomes of slot games.

In conclusion

The domain of slot games is currently thriving, especially when it comes to online casinos. The incredible popularity of this sphere leads to the appearance of diverse myths. Among such legends, one can distinguish the misconception according to which part of a day can bring higher or lower chances of winning in slots. This belief is completely nonsensical and can seem funny to people that know how slot machines work. The point is that a random number generator generates random outcomes of plays, regardless of the time of a day. Meanwhile, the fact that specific parts of a day are more popular among gamblers, which brings to higher numbers of jackpots at such moments, leads to the appearance of myths about the time-related patterns according to which players receive jackpots. We strongly recommend you to forget about such beliefs and focus on your betting strategies instead. Slot games are not about parts of a day but about your luck and persistence. #noloop#

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