The fact that the outcomes of slot games completely depend on players’ luck is well-known to most people. Meanwhile, there remain gamblers believing that slots work according to a different principle. They want to use any opportunity to trick the game and increase their chances of winning. Even though the majority of such approaches have nothing to do with reality, myths about lucky players who manage to deceive online pokies for real money still continue thriving. In this material, we will discuss common legends about relevant ways of tricking slot machines. We will also try to explain their relevance and provide an answer to the question about whether a gambler can trick slot machines playing max bet.

Stopping the wheels

Many gamblers believe that they can trick a slot machine by stopping the spinning wheels at the right moment. The point is to get the winning combination on the screen or even to raise a maximum prize with the jackpot. As a result, you may often see lots of players pushing the “stop button” in a casino. In reality, such affairs are the outcomes of a mere urban legend. Pushing the “stop button” does not affect the outcome of the game in any way.

Why is it so? The outcome of a play is decided by a random number generator (RNG) at the moment when a player starts the spin. Everything that a player sees on the screen is a mere animation designed to display the gambler a predetermined plot. Surely, many players may say that pushing the “stop button” speeds up the wheels so that they deliver the result much quicker. In reality, this action merely speeds-up the animation while leaving the same result. Everything that a player wins due to such actions is time. After all, he or she sees the result of his play for a few seconds earlier.

Such a principle applies to all types of casino slot machines, including traditional Vegas-type slots and pokies that work according to the “Bingo” principle. There are specific slot machines with outcomes depending on the skill and reaction of a player. The latter is required to stop the spinning wheels just at the right moment in order to get the desired combination of icons. Meanwhile, such slots are applied for mere entertainment. It is almost impossible to find such attractions in traditional casinos, where people play for real money.

The yo-yo trick

For a long time, it had been a rather simple yet popular way to trick slot machines. A gambler tied the coin he had to insert into a slot machine with a thin string. He or she inserted the deposit and allowed the coin to go deep enough for the machine to accept a deposit. After that, the gambler had to pull the coin out with the help of a string. Sound simple and useful? Well, many slot machines had mechanisms that were strong enough to literally tear the coin off the string.

Another important point about this method of cheating is that it is literally impossible in casinos nowadays. Modern slot machines easily detect a string connected to the coin. Some of them do not accept any coins at all, and you usually have to play with a card on which your deposit is placed. Needless to say, that such a trick is even more absurd when it comes to gambling in mobile casinos.

Fake coins

Some players understood that old slot machines identified the coins by their weight. As a result, they started working with realistic copies by making fake coins with the same weight and shape as the real ones. It is unclear whether such a technique has brought success to any gamblers in the past, but it would definitely not work nowadays.

Just like in the case of the yo-yo trick, many modern slot machines do not accept coins at all. Meanwhile, even more old-fashioned machines may have issues with identifying real coins. Needless to say that they would not accept any attempts to insert a fake coin. In addition, such an approach has nothing to do with mobile slots, which have already become the most popular gambling attractions.

Guitar strings and metal wires

There are even numerous bizarre stories about gamblers who have managed to trick slot machines with guitar strings and metal wires. How did they do it? They managed to put wires and strings inside a slot machine through its cooling system. Then, such wires and strings were used to pull the payout switches. Such manipulations allowed the cheaters to receive payouts despite the decision of a random number generator. Even though this story is rather suspicious, there actually were chances to win a prize with such a cheat while playing with some old slot machines.

Surely, such tricks are impossible to implement with modern electronic pokies. The point is that they do not have mechanical switches that can provide a gambler with a payout. Surely, like with most approaches on this list, it is completely impossible to apply such a technique to a mobile slot game.

Cheat codes

Cheat codes are a popular term in the modern digital domain. It is believed that by pressing a specific combination of buttons, a player can cause a glitch that will make a machine give him or her a prize. In reality, the belief in cheat codes as a way to trick slot machines is very naïve. Those are not mere video games where the developers intentionally leave the players an opportunity to use cheat codes in order to have more fun. Instead, slot machines are complex electronic devices working with significant amounts of money. They have top-notch protection from hacking and, for sure, will not give a prize to a person who merely uses an appropriate combination of buttons. Quite similarly, there is no chance to hack digital casinos. They are protected by the world’s best anti-hacking firewalls. Even if a specific player manages to trick the online casino, the deception will be detected very soon. It will, in turn, make the administration of the casino freeze the account of this person.

In conclusion

Apart from hopeless attempts to impact the outcome of slot plays, there also exist many methods aimed at deceiving the slots. We cannot definitely state that tricking slot machines is completely impossible. Moreover, history has numerous cases of people managing to win money in slots through deception. Surely, such stories are primarily associated with old-fashioned mechanical pokies. Still, we cannot definitely state that tricks are impossible with electronic or even mobile slots. They key point is that getting a profit from such a cheat is very difficult. Even if a player somehow manages to earn money through deception, his or her trick will be soon detected. The outcomes will be severe because, apart from freezing a cheaters account, a casino may make this person legally liable. Therefore, such attempts are definitely not worth the risk. Slot machines bring you real chances of winning significant sums of money. It means that there is no need to increase those chances through unfair practices that will eventually be punished.

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