How to win in online slots: A practical guide Pokies Review & Experience

There exists a widespread belief that a casino is always in profit, and there are literally no chances to receive a stable income from gambling. While remaining lucky for a long period of time may be a really challenging goal, there are still tried and trusted strategies (slow of fast slots playing) that allow players to remain successful in gambling. Usually, such strategies apply to card games or roulette, and most people do not apply any winning approaches to slot games. Surely, there is no strategy that will grant you wins with pokies, but there are ways that can significantly increase your chances. In this material, we will provide useful tips on how to develop a more efficient and profitable approach to slot machines.

Is there an opportunity to affect the outcome directly?

The answer to this question is definitely negative. There exists a popular urban legend, according to which, a player can get an appropriate combination if he or she stops the wheels of a slot machine in an appropriate moment. In reality, this belief is nothing but a myth. The outcome of any spin is decided by a random number generator (RNG) at the moment when you push the “start” button. When you try to stop the wheels, you only speed-up the animation on the screen and receive the outcome of a round a few seconds faster. It means that you cannot directly affect the outcome of a round in pokies, and your prize depends completely on your luck. Still, there are chances to increase your chances of winning with slot machines.

Choose the right slot game

At first glance, it may seem that all slot games are the same. They provide similar icons, gaming rules, and numbers of reels. In reality, all slot games have distinctive features. They may differ in many aspects, such as visual elements, number of reels, bonuses, progressive jackpots, and a Return-to-Player (RTP) rate. The latter is, by far, the most important point to consider if you want to find a game that brings more money. An RTP rate is based on the overall statistics of wins in a particular game. For sure, many games can compensate for a lower RTP with additional factors, such as bonuses, promotions, and jackpots. Meanwhile, for most gamblers, RTP still remains the most valuable factor for choosing the right slot game. Surely, it is up to you to decide, which factor matters to you the most. Our recommendation is to make your own choice and choose games that suit your requirements. A methodical approach to game selection can make a difference in gambling with pokies.

Practice with free games

It is difficult to expect to win some real money if you do not understand the general principles according to a particular game’s works. It means that the best solution for increasing your winning chances is to know slot games better. Fortunately, most online casinos provide an opportunity to practice your gambling skills in the free mode. The gameplay, in this case, will be completely the same as with a full version of a slot game. The only difference is that you have an unlimited resource since there are no chances to lose your money. Once you see that you understand the game and its essential principles much better, you may abandon the free mode and start playing for some real money.

Choose an appropriate betting strategy

The amount of money you bet is what really depends on you in slot games. If you want to be successful with pokies, you have to develop a clear and comprehensive betting strategy. Inconsistency and nerve can make you lose your temper, which will eventually lead you to many losses. The best way of gambling is to develop a clear plan and adhere to it. Here are some suggestions on popular gambling strategies:

  • Martingale – the key point is to double the bet after each loss. Such an approach allows you to cover the losses and stay in profit.
  • The Labouchere system – a player decides the intended amount of money he or she wants to win. After that, a player has to write down a list of numbers that create this amount if added altogether. With each bet, the player has to stake the sum of the first and the last number on the list. If there is only one number left – it has to be chosen as an amount of the stake. If the bet is successful, the player has to remove the two above-mentioned amounts from the list. Meanwhile, he or she has to append the lost amount to the end of the list after making an unsuccessful bet. It is a continuous process, which finishes once all items on the list are crossed out, the player wins the received amount of money, or he loses all money intended for betting.
  • Anti-martingale – this strategy, also known as reverse martingale, requires the player to increase the bet after each win and decrease the amount of money at stake after each loss. The key point is to catch a so-called “winning streak” and raise the maximum amount of money with such a moment of luck.
    Surely, there are many more betting strategies that are popular among slot machine enthusiasts. The ones presented on this list are just the most popular ones. And, surely, nobody prevents you from creating your own winning strategy. The key point is to stay calm and consistent.

Stick to the budget

Winning is always great, but you should always remember that you have what to lose. In order to avoid overspending on pokies, we strongly recommend you set the budget for your games long before you start trying luck with pokies. Set a predetermined spending limit that you should never. Stop playing immediately when you reach this sum. With such an approach, gambling will become a pleasant experience instead of a cash-consuming problem.

In conclusion

All in all, nothing can grant you victories with slot machines. After all, in these games, too much depends on your luck, and there are no real chances to affect the outcome predetermine by a random number generator. Still, there are many relevant tips and strategies that will increase your chances of winning some real money with slots. First of all, you have to choose the right slot game that suits you the most and provides high chances of receiving the prize. Another tip is to practice with free games and understand the chosen slot attraction better. For sure, it will make you more skilled and successful with this game. The third point is to choose among diverse strategies or create your own. Just remember that you have to adhere to such an approach strictly. Finally, the fourth tip is to stick to the budget. It means that there should be a particular sum of money for betting, which you should never overcome. If you adhere to such simple principles, you will become a much more successful gambler with real chances of winning in online slots. #noloop#

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