Does anyone win on online slots? Pokies Review & Experience

Online slot games are listed among the most popular casino attractions. They are simple to use and bring great chances of winning. You may try luck with your phone in almost any situation. Some people play slots while being surrounded by hot chicks in a luxurious mansion, while others try luck during a coffee break that temporarily releases them from the obligations of a low-paid job. What is the most impressive about free online pokies attractions is that they make all such people equal. Whether you are a millionaire or live on a shoestring budget, you have almost the same chances of getting rich with slot games.

However, there are some people that don’t believe in the existence of such a chance at all. Numerous conspiracy theories surrounding the gambling industry and its unfavourable representation in media make a negative contribution to the reputation of online casinos. As a result of such affairs, many people start doubting the fact that online slots can bring gamblers any rewards. The question of whether any gamblers win in online pokies concerns many people. In this article, we will provide a definite response to it.

Online pokies and success stories

The answer to the main question of this article is definite – yes. In this regard, one can mention an amazing story with Mega Moolah, a legendary slot game that enjoys massive popularity in the market since 2006. In 2015, a lucky gambler managed to win a progressive jackpot of almost $21 million with this game. This great achievement was fixed in the Guinness Book of Records as the biggest prize in the history of slot games. In 2019, this record was almost beaten when another lucky player won around $20.5 million with the same game.
An interesting point is that Australia also has a memorable success story, which includes one of the greatest jackpots in the online gambling industry. In 2016, an anonymous gambler from this state won AU$10,423,223 ($7.8 million) jackpot on Microgaming’s The Dark Knight slot. What is even more important, history knows a broad range of similar stories of people becoming wealthy with online casinos, especially when it comes to slot games.

RTP as the indicator of your chances to win

Who knows, perhaps, some of your relatives have also won substantial sums of money with pokies? Actually, the chances of raising some money with such attractions are really high. In this case, it goes not only about progressive jackpots turning ordinary people into millionaires. After all, such events are rather rare. Meanwhile, many players still manage to raise solid sums of money even without jackpots. In most cases, they choose games with high RTP rates.

RTP (return-to-player) rate determines the percentage that returns to players from each bet they place in a particular slot game. An RTP rate of a game reflects the overall profitability of this slot machine. It doesn’t mean that the developers of a specific slot attraction install a particular pattern, which precisely determines the percent of returns that come to a player from slot games. Instead, the outcomes of all plays in slots are decided by a random number generator. It determines the random sequence of symbols that appear after a player hits the “spin button.” The combination of such symbols may bring a gambler either a prize or a loss in any specific round. A higher RTP rate means that a specific machine, on average, brings a gambler more substantial wins than the one with a lower RTP rate.

As a result, many players who are not in for any excessive risk choose gambling attractions with higher RTP rates to get a more stable income from gambling. They are less likely to become millionaires instantly because, in most cases, games with higher RTP are less generous in terms of multi-million jackpots. However, such players appreciate stability in gambling and build capital step by step. As they say: the slower you go – the further you get.

For the most doubtful ones

Still, feeling suspicious about the credibility of slot games? Well, you can always research the Internet for some legit reviews of industry experts and users. We recommend you to focus only on credible gambling review websites, where you will find diverse articles and sets of information on your chosen online attractions. While reading reviews on such resources, you will get familiar with all pros and cons of a specific casino or a specific slot game.

Moreover, you can use such reviews to find the stories of people who have actually raised some money with casinos. Many gamblers don’t indicate precise amounts, which is, actually, quite logical. Still, they will provide you with much relevant information, so you will know what to expect from a casino. A significant number of satisfied reviews means that a casino, actually, deserves your attention and will definitely give you your money.

You may also watch other gamblers playing casino games in order to feel more secure about the possibility of receiving a payout. Some gambling platforms provide such an option for players that want to feel more convenient and understand the principles of specific pokies. These websites allow you to watch other players trying luck in slot games in a live mode. You get an opportunity to witness some wins, either moderate or remarkable, which will assure you of the credibility of a casino and the possibility of earning real money with such digital attractions.

In conclusion

Numerous success stories prove the fact that online slots can really bring the luckiest gamblers significant amounts of money. Most of them tell of players that have managed to win millions of dollars with progressive jackpots in some legendary pokies. Surely, online slots are not only about jackpots. Pokies with higher RTP rates often become much more stable sources of income. They constantly bring lucky players money, and you may find even your friends or relatives among such people. If after all these stories, you are still suspicious about online slots and the possibility to raise money with such attractions, make sure to read customer feedback and research reviews on such gambling attractions. Fortunately, such sources of information can be easily found on the Internet. Watching other gamblers play your chosen games is also a relevant variant. Once you understand that pokies actually pay out, keep on going! Decide your budget, choose the most attractive gambling platform and the most interesting slot game (or games), develop your own betting strategy, and start testing your luck. There are real chances that some great victories are awaiting you! #noloop#

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