Do slot machines have cameras? Pokies Review & Experience

A rather common concern related to real online pokies is that such attractions have integrated cameras inside. Many people perceive such a state of affairs as something completely unacceptable. A popular argument is that such affairs imply the violation of the gambler’s privacy. However, an even more widespread concern is that such cameras are used to scan the faces of players in order to create better opportunities for tricking them. Is the assumption about cameras in slot machines myth or reality? In this article, we will attempt to respond to this question about slots and analyse it in general.

Security as a high priority

First of all, we must say that different casinos have distinctive rules. Integrating cameras in slot machines is not a very common practice. Meanwhile, we cannot deny that some casinos may use slot machines with installed cameras. In most cases, the reason for such practices is simple – ensuring security within a casino.

Surely, top casinos have multiple cameras installed inside their premises. Such practices are used to secure themselves from cheaters. For example, cameras can help detect a cheater at a poker table. They also allow fixing all cases of inappropriate behaviour expressed by visitors. Suppose, an ordinary visitor gets drunk and starts boozing in a casino. The security takes him of the casino immediately. However, later, this person starts claiming that there has been unreasonable violence against him. He wants to sue the casino for a significant sum of money. In such a situation, records from security cameras will allow the casino administration to prove the innocence of the security.
In most cases, such cameras are not installed in slot machines, but there definitely may be some exceptions. After all, such a camera can detect cheating attempts or some inappropriate behaviour expressed by a person who plays slots. Most casinos install cameras in different places, but security reasons may require some of them use cameras inside pokies, which is completely justified.

Time for some bizarre fantasies

There is also a myth about cameras that are installed inside slots in order to scan the faces of gamblers and identify them. It is just another conspiracy theory, which claims that casinos have extensive databases in which they store information on diverse gamblers. Such databases are used to determine gambler’s betting style and approach to slot games. It is thought that such knowledge allows casinos to develop custom patterns that are used to take more and more money from players. The role of cameras in this scheme is simple – they allow identifying particular players, which makes casino administration launch customized according to such gambles patterns. Surely, this myth is completely nonsensical; however, there are people that trust in it and blame cameras for their losses.

Another bizarre assumption is that slot machines are connected to an AI that scans human faces and identifies the emotions of players. According to the myth, this AI can adjust the pattern of slot game plays in accordance with such people’s emotions. Just like in the case of a previous version, the main reason for such manipulations is a desire to deceive people and take as much money as it is possible from them.

Grains of truth

Surely, for most people, such stories may seem bizarre and untrustworthy. It is a completely adequate reaction since the above-mentioned assumptions have nothing to do with reality. Credible casinos do not introduce any patterns for slot games. The outcomes of all spins are decided by a random number generator (RNG). It is an integral part of a slot machine, which, as it is recognizable from its name, generates random numbers. Such numbers are responsible for the outcomes of each round. Once a player hits the “spin button,” a random number generator decides a combination. It launches an animation, which displays the decision of a random number generator on the screen. Everything is that simple. No patterns, including the ones affected by cameras or AI, decide the outcomes of plays in pokies.
Why do people even make up such stories? Well, some of them cannot accept fails in casinos. They do not understand that luck is not always favourable to them and start blaming people around them for everything. Such an approach is far from being constructive; however, it is peculiar to some players. Besides, conspiracy theories are rather popular in a broad range of domains, including the gambling industry. In some cases, gamblers spreading rumours about camera-driven AI systems in slots and citizens telling the stories about their contacts with aliens are the same people.

Surely, we cannot claim with a 100% awareness that all casinos are credible with players. You have to check the credibility of a chosen casino every time when it is possible. Make sure to review its license, reviews, client feedback, withdrawal options, and payment policies. With such an approach, you will avoid casinos that may introduce unfavourable patterns. Still, such practices are very rare and are usually applied by small scam casinos. For sure, such establishments do not have resources for hosting sophisticated customer databases connected to cameras or even AI-driven systems. Therefore, the myths about cameras inside slot machines as a relevant way to trick gamblers are completely nonsensical.

In conclusion

All in all, we cannot guarantee you that there will be no cameras inside of slot machines in your chosen casino. The reason that makes gambling establishments refer to such practices is a security concern. Cameras allow casino administration to determine unfair practices and inappropriate behaviour expressed by gamblers. Meanwhile, fans of diverse conspiracy theories spread rumours about cameras as tools that allow casinos to deceive gamblers. Both common theories, namely the one about user databases and camera-driven AI that deceives gamblers, are very bizarre. Still, there are specific persons that may take them for granted. For sure, such beliefs have nothing to do with reality. Luck is the main factor determining the outcomes of plays in pokies. If you want to be really successful with such games, you should forget about conspiracy theories and do not bother yourself with cameras. Even if they are installed inside of your chosen slot machine (which is very improbable), such cameras will never decide the outcomes of your plays. #noloop#

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