One of the most common myths about online pokies in Australia is the belief in a specific pattern according to which all such gambling attractions work. The point of this legend is that casino administration aims to predict the amount of money they can lose with slot machines in advance. As a result, they create a specific pattern – an algorithm that issues money to gamblers while keeping their wins within a preliminary specified limit. Are there any grains of truth in such a belief? Well, in this article, we will try to explore this question and provide a response to the question whether slot machines have a pattern.

How Does Slot Machine Determine the Results of Plays?

On contrary to popular belief regarding a specific pattern that determines the outcomes of slot plays, the results of spins are determined by a random number generator (RNG). How does it work? This machine decides the outcome of a play once you push the “spin” button. After that, you just watch an animation that displays such a result on the screen. Everything is that simple.

The outcomes decided by this generator are completely random, so everything depends on your luck. Even if you start recognizing something that reminds you of a pattern in the outcomes of a few games in a row, it is a mere coincidence. Slot machines or online pokies provided by credible casinos are completely fair with gamblers and consistent in the randomness of their outcomes. It means that you should not fear any deception or try to adjust to any pattern while playing in a credible casino. Just plan your budget, develop a clear betting strategy, and rely on your luck.

When the Patterns actually Exist

Surely, it is impossible to deny the fact that not all casinos and online gambling platforms are fair to their users. The gambling industry is rich in diverse brands, and there is a risk to find scam casinos designed for stealing your money with unfair practices. A popular approach is based on restricting your withdrawals, but some casinos deceive you by affecting the results of slot plays.

Such gambling platforms may introduce a pattern that does not allow gamblers to win more than it is allowed. In most cases, they may attract players with early winning streaks. After getting a few winning combinations in a row, a player thinks that it is his or her day. This person starts playing more recklessly and often increases the bets. It is when the casino gets its reward. The pattern works according to the principle that keeps the player interested while his or her budget is gradually shrinking. As a result, most players end up their gambling sessions with significant losses. The key point is to arrange the results of the plays in a realistic manner so that the gambler will not recognize the deception.

The presence of such deceptive schemes does not mean that you should avoid gambling. For sure, you have to avoid untrustworthy casinos at any cost. While choosing a gambling platform for your play, make sure to review it according to a credibility checklist.

  • Check the license. A reputable license is relevant proof of a casinos’ credibility. Usually, such licenses are issued by the authorities of such states like Malta, Cyprus, Costa Rica, and Curaçao.
  • Try free games. Most online casinos allow playing free games. During such plays, you can get familiar with the principles of your chosen pokies and determine whether they are credible or no.
  • Check review websites. The Internet is full of review websites where you can check your chosen casino’s credibility. Such resources are often very informative. For sure, they provide enough information for you to make a definite choice.
  • Watch other gamblers play. If your chosen casino provides such an option, you should definitely use it. It will allow you to see real-life examples of how is it possible (or impossible) to get rich with your chosen gambling platform.
  • Review withdrawal options. Credible casinos have big lists of reputable payment systems. For example, if you see valid platforms, such as PayPal, at your chosen casino, it is a relevant argument in favour of its credibility.

Attention to such simple details can help you avoid scam and become really rich with slot machines. If your chosen casino can be positively evaluated in terms of this checklist’s points, you may feel secure about its game principles. Your results will not be affected by any patterns, and such a gambling platform will provide you with real chances of getting rich.

In conclusion

The presence of specific patterns that decide the outcomes of plays in online slots is a rather common myth among gamblers. In reality, it proves to be nonsensical when it comes to credible gambling platforms. The point is that the outcomes of plays in such casinos are decided by a random number generator (RNG). It means that there is no reason in trying to recognize such a pattern and adapt to it in order to become rich. Surely, it is impossible to deny that some scam gambling platforms introduce patterns that make slot machines less favourable to gamblers. You have to avoid such resources at any cost. All that is required is to be cautious and review a suspicious casino with a credibility checklist. If you adhere to such simple rules and play only at credible casinos, you will never encounter problems with slot machine patterns. All that you will receive is a trustworthy and credible gambling experience where everything depends on your luck.

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