The topic of Australian online pokies for real money is surrounded by many strange rumours. One such assumption is that casinos, including digital gambling platforms, tighten their slots on weekends. What does it mean for a gambler? Well, if there are grains of truth in this belief, your chance of winning in slots becomes much less significant on weekends. Still, the above-mentioned assumption proves to be quite controversial. In this material, we will analyse the topic and respond to the question of whether casinos tighten their slots on weekends.

Are there any grains of truth?

In general, the belief in the fact that casinos tighten their slots on weekends is just another myth in the line of legends surrounding the gambling domain. The point is that slot machines don’t work according to any patterns, including the ones that depend on the time of the week. Surely, we cannot deny the fact that there may be scam casinos that use patterns in order to trick gamblers. However, you can easily avoid such gambling platforms by paying attention to the following features: the presence of a credible license, positive customer feedback, affirmative online reviews, and credible payment methods. As for credible casinos, we can grant you that such resources don’t refer to any patterns aimed at deceiving the gamblers.

A traditional slot machine works according to the decisions of a random number generator. The latter decides the outcomes of rounds by creating a random sequence of numbers. A player that pushes the “spin button” launches a random number generator, which determines the outcome of a play. After that, the results of such a decision are displayed on the screen. Surely, the part of the week doesn’t have any impact on the decision of a random number generator. It remains consistent in its randomness, regardless of time or any other conditions. It means that the assumption regarding the impact of a random number generator on plays is nothing more than a mere myth.

The roots of a “weekend” myth

Why does a myth about tighter payout of slot machines at weekends even exist? First of all, the point is that some gamblers cannot understand that they don’t have any impact on the outcomes of slot games. They don’t accept the essential property of slot games, namely the fact that everything in this domain is decided by luck. Such players try to determine or make up bizarre principles according to which slots work. As a result, there appear such strange beliefs.

It is unclear why this legend applies to weekends instead of any other parts of a week. Perhaps, the point is that the authors of the myth have lost more times on weekends than during the days from Monday to Friday. Most probably, their percentage of losses remains consistent; however, such people try luck in slots more frequently on weekends, leading them to a more significant number of weekend losses. Anyway, you should understand that there is very little logic in the origins of a given assumption.

In conclusion

The domain of pokies is surrounded by many misconceptions that have little to do with reality. Among such myths, one can indicate a legend claiming that weekends are the worst time of a week for playing slots. Some people believe that casinos tighten their slot machines on weekends in order to decrease the gamblers’ chances of winning money. In reality, this belief is a completely nonsensical outcome of gamblers’ attempts to find logic in the outcomes of plays in slots. They just cannot get the point that everything about such games is decided by a random number generator, which means that slots are completely about players’ luck. Regardless of the origins of such a myth, we strongly recommend you avoid it and similar misconceptions. You may play slots at any part of the week. The key point is to adhere to a proper betting strategy, be persistent, and catch your luck, which is essential for truly recognizable wins.

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