Slot games can become a very attractive source of income. Probably, you have heard many stories about gamblers who have managed to win millions with such games. Surely, you need much luck to get some real prizes with Aussie pokies. Some people doubt their luck and, instead try finding other methods for raising money with slots. They are often attracted by the opportunities to trick the casinos by cheating in slot games. Are such deceptive methods even possible to implement? In this article, we will try to respond to this question. We will also analyse common stories, both legendary and more realistic, about methods that can potentially help you trick a slot machine.

The myth about cell phones and pokies

A common belief states that gamblers can cheat in slots with the help of a cell phone. Legend says that signals produced by a mobile phone affect a random number generator installed in a slot machine. It can lead to the most unpredictable outcomes, including the situations when a slot machine gives you free credits or even starts tossing coins. In reality, there are no real stories proving the relevance of such beliefs. Moreover, such manipulations are impossible to implement with new slots. After all, such electronic machines are secured from any attempts to affect their behaviour with a cell phone. In addition, this story has a more historical value for people playing online slots. It cannot help you with digital platforms that can be accessed from a phone or from your computer browser.
Meanwhile, there are more realistic stories about other methods of cheating in slots that involve mobile phones. According to this belief, people with strong mathematical skills could predict the decisions of a random number generator after observing the slot machine for some time. Frequently, gamblers had not enough time and skill for determining the principles according to which an RNG worked. Therefore, they used mobile phone cameras in order to record the behaviour of a slot machine. This video was sent to another cheater, who could process the video with the appropriate software. After that, the person who had processed the video sent a message to the gambler. The latter had to place a bet at that specific moment in order to get the anticipated prize. Even though this story seems bizarre, it is unclear whether it is impossible to implement such manipulations with older slots. However, such principles will definitely not work with more modern slot machines. In addition, online slots work according to more modern random number generators, which makes them completely unpredictable.

Mechanical manipulations: are there any gains of truth?

Just for a more general historical overview, we should mention that there are also stories about cheaters who manage to trick slot machines with simple mechanical manipulations. Such narratives apply primarily to old-fashioned old slots. In particular, legend says that some gamblers managed to cheat on slot machines with a yo-yo trick. The point is in tying a thread to a coin that had to be inserted into the machine. Once the slot accepted this coin, a cheater could pull it away with the help of a thread. This method is quite similar to the one in which a gambler uses a fake coin. It must have the same size and weight as a real coin. The third legendary method of cheating involves using strings or wires for pulling the switches inside of a slot machine. According to a common myth, a cheater can pull this switch in order to make the machine give him or her a jackpot regardless of the decision of a random number generator.

A common thing about the above-mentioned methods of cheating is that none of them can be applied to modern electronic slot machines. All these techniques are rather controversial, while their proper implementation is, at least, questionable. Even if there are some grains of truth in the stories about gamblers managing to deceive the casinos with fake coins, yo-yo, and wires, such methods can be applied only to old-fashioned mechanical slots. Meanwhile, there are completely irrelevant to the contemporary industry realia.

Hacking and slots

The third type of legends about slot machines and cheaters focuses on people using malware software for hacking slot machines. In most cases, such narratives apply to online gambling. Perhaps, you have also heard just another story in the row of tales dedicated to super-proficient hackers managing to steal millions from online slot platforms with diverse types of hacking software. Well, in the vast majority of cases, such stories are not true. Surely, it is impossible to deny that there may be cybercriminals capable of stealing money from online casinos. Meanwhile, such practices require too much skill while bringing such hackers too many troubles. Online casinos are fortified with the most recent security safeguards. It means that you will have little to no chances to deceive them even with the most advanced hacking malware. If you, somehow, manage to trick an online casino with your hacking skills, you will probably still face the punishment. There are many methods allowing cyber police to track and detect such criminals. Most probably, you will never manage to get away with stolen money.

So, is it possible to cheat while playing slots?

In general, it is difficult to provide a definite answer to this question. Most probably, there exist small chances to trick the casino. However, the vast majority of stories about such practices are far from being realistic. At least, they are not applicable to the modern gambling industry, notable for the domination of electronic slots. Remember that casinos have significant amounts of money that can be invested in the development of top-notch security safeguards. They are also proactive when it comes to security. In particular, casinos will probably know about potential ways of cheating in slot games long before you even hear something about such techniques. What does it mean for you? Don’t focus on potential ways of deceiving a casino. Instead, pay more attention to your betting strategy and rely on your luck. Casinos bring you some real chances to get rich. The more persistent and confident you are – the higher are those chances.

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