Gambling industry changes along with growing interest in its attractions. It means that new games, including slot machines, appear on a constant basis. Modern pokies are technologically advanced games with multiple features, high-tech visuals, and attractive designs. Still, there are some players claiming that older pokies Australia are much better than the modern ones. Perhaps, such opinions merely reflect a nostalgic human desire to praise the past. It may be something similar to the situations when gamers admire ancient Sega platforms more than Playstation 4. However, there may still be a reasonable point in the admiration of older slot machines. In this material, we will try to compare older pokies to their modern phone counterparts and respond to the question of whether slots were better in the past.

Pros of older pokies

Among the main benefits of older slots, some gamblers mention the fact that they bring higher odds. It is a rather controversial benefit because the higher are the odds – the lower are your chances to win. Meanwhile, higher odds also bring more significant rewards in case you are a lucky player. Basically, everything depends on your preferences. If you are an adventurous gambler who is ready to win some solid amounts of money while aiming at millions, such attractions will suit you. You will feel the real heat while playing old-fashioned slot games because quite a lot will be put at stake. Meanwhile, if you are a more cautious player who appreciates slow and steady approaches to gambling, you may be disappointed with old-fashioned slot machines. After all, you may face a bitter defeat if it is not your lucky day. Another important thing about old-fashioned pokies is their style. They are more visually attractive than most of their modern counterparts. Many gamblers even say that older slot machines have some kind of a “soul,” which is something modern pokies are completely devoid of. It is all about atmosphere – a memorable vibe of such machines created by a combination of weird sound effects, memorable visuals, and mechanical sounds produced by a machine. For sure, old-fashioned slots seem to be more stylish because they are associated with some of Hollywood’s greatest classics on gambling, Las Vegas gangs, and the American Dream. No wonder that most people who want to use slot machines as details enriching the interiors of their houses refer to older slot machines.

Cons of older pokies

The main drawbacks of older slot machines are densely tied to their main benefits. First of all, the point is in the above-mentioned question of higher odds. Such odds mean that gamblers have much lower chances of getting stable incomes from pokies. Everything is quite simple. Newer slots tend to have a much higher return to player (RTP) rate. This notion indicates the average percent of returns that a player receives from each bet. The higher is the RTP – the more stable will your prizes in pokies. Meanwhile, games with higher RTP are often much less generous when it comes to progressive jackpots. It means that everything depends on your preferences. If you are in for more cautious gambling and stability – older slots may be not the best choice for you.

Another valuable point is that older slot machines are less stable than newer ones. There may occur mechanical breakages that require immediate repairing. For sure, such affairs create additional inconvenience for both casino administration and gamblers. After all, there is nothing pleasant if a slot machine suddenly breaks exactly when you think that you have caught your winning streak. As for more modern slots, they use according to electronic or digital principles. It means much higher durability and stability. After all, software crashes occur much less frequently than mechanical issues. In addition, in most cases, such problems take much less time to fix.

The verdict

As it may be clear from our material, it is impossible to establish whether older slots are better than newer ones. They lag behind more recent machines in many aspects; however, some die-hard gamblers will still find such gambling attractions better than their electronic and digital counterparts. Actually, everything depends on your preferences and the emotions you seek in gambling. Older slots have some evident benefits and may seem to be more stylish than modern ones. Meanwhile, pokies that are released nowadays also have some evident benefits. The best choice for you is to try luck with both older and newer models and decide which ones are better for you.

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