Tasmania is a small Australian spot. The nickname of this place is the Apple Isle. Here, you can observe exotic nature and enjoy wonderful weather. Hobart is the capital of this state and the most visited location by tourists. All fans of music must visit its famous concert hall.

Except for breathtaking views, Hobart is also playing a leading role in the gambling world of this country. Here, the first legal casino, The Wrest Point Hotel Casino, was opened. But it’s not the last one. Tasmania can become your favorite spot on the Australian gambling map.

Land-based casinos in Tasmania

Tasmania is a gorgeous place. With the unbelievable flora and fauna, it opens the door to an astonishing gambling world. We know that a lot of people dream to visit Las Vegas, the capital of land-based casinos. But what if you live in Australia and can’t visit Vegas whenever you want. Nowadays, there is no need to leave the continent. There are a lot of cool casinos that have this unbelievable atmosphere. Tasmania is not the exception. Two cool casinos, Wrest Point Hotel Casino and Country Club Casino are located here. Let’s find out more information about them.

Wrest Point Hotel Casino

The oldest legal Australian casino was opened in the early 1970s. And as the majority of long-functioning casinos in Australia, it’s still working. It’s a good sign for all gamblers who are looking for a cool casino in this state. Without development, it’s impossible to be on the float. So we can say that Wrest Point is a modern casino with a long history.

It is a breathtaking hotel that has rooms of different styles. But the main attraction is the casino. In this luxurious place, you can find a lot of entertainment. For instance, there are more than 20 table games and poker tables. The most popular games with gamblers include money wheel, pontoon, baccarat, online roulette, rapid roulette, blackjack, and many more.

For all pokies fans, Wrest Point Hotel Casino prepared 650 slot machines. High rollers can make high and risky bets in the VIP section. Moreover, 350 slot jackpots are paid every week, so you have all chances to get one.

Besides gambling, you can taste tasty food and fresh drinks in nine restaurants and bars. Also, you have an opportunity to see amazing shows of popular artists from different countries.

Country Club Casino

Country Club is another casino and resort in Tasmania. If you are coming by plane, it will be easy to get there, because it’s located near the airport. There, you can live in resort houses or even villas. Fresh air and beautiful nature attract a lot of visitors who want to enjoy it. But we know that the majority is here for making their lucky bets.

You can play more than 500 slots and 17 traditional table games. The variety is rich, so you will find something special for yourself. On the territory, you can also visit business conferences, pass a golf course, enjoy the meal and cocktails in the bars and restaurants, ride the horse, chill in the pool and spa. This place is ideal for recharging and getting new unbelievable emotions.

Games you can play in Tasmania casino

Games will always be the main focus for all players. Nowadays the gaming industry is booming. We get more developed and high-quality products. Creators do everything possible for surprising their fans and expanse the target auditory. That’s why modern players don’t suffer from the lack of cool games. Even traditional versions of classic games are getting new features and it looks like a completely new gaming product.


Australia is one of the major players in the gaming industry. People are obsessed with slot machines. That’s why land-based casinos are always packed. Tasmanian casinos are generous and offer some of the best pokies. The most creative developers are making these games. This is always a high-quality product. Tasmanian casinos gathered rich collections of slot machines and there are a lot of them. So, the only problem is that you have to spend a ton of time trying all of them. But we are not rushing you, enjoy the game and atmosphere.

Table games

Table and card games are also much loved by Aussies. They appreciate the unbelievable ambiance and the possibility to talk with other players. Wrest point hotel casino and Country Club casino has cool options for you. Here you can play classic versions of traditional table games and try something new. Currently, money wheel, pontoon, baccarat, online roulette, rapid roulette blackjack, Sic Bo, federal pontoon, Caribbean Stud, and Texas Hold’em are available in Tasmanian land-based casinos.

Online casinos in Tasmania

Interesting fact that Australian operators can’t provide their online gaming services to the local gamers. But they may co-work with international companies that have all rights for offering games on the continent. That’s why Australia has the access to worldwide gaming products. Nowadays, online casinos are attracting more and more new gamblers. People like that in one click they can be taken to different dimensions just with the help of their gadget. Plus, there are no opening hours, you can play whenever you want. You can choose among thousands of the best casinos that also offer slots and classic table and video games. If you want to chat with others visit a Live casino. You won’t see the difference between a land-based casino and an online one. Check casino reviews here on CasinoHEX to learn more about Aussie casinos in Tasmania.

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Guide to gambling in Tasmania FAQ

Is it legal to play online casinos in Tasmania?
Yes, Australian players can play at different online casinos. But the local companies are blocked from opening their digital casinos here. That’s why Aussies are playing with international companies.
What is the legal gambling age in Tasmania?
You can start to gamble in Australia at the age of 18. If you’re younger than that, every casino on our list will block you instantly.
What is the best land-based casino in Tasmania?
We think both Wrest Point Hotel Casino and Country Club Casino are both great and offer unbelievable gaming experiences.
How do I win at a land-based casino?
Make up your strategy and follow it. The most important piece of advice though is to gamble responsibly.
What else can I do at land-based casinos in Tasmania?
You can have fun in restaurants and bars, swim in the pools, rest in the spa, take golf classes and ride the horse.
What do I do if I have a gambling problem?
If you feel like you’re addicted as opposed to having fun with your gambling hobby, stop immediately. Ask friends and relatives you can trust for help and call the national gambling line.