Northern Territory is a vast landmass that houses just shy of a quarter-million Aussies. Despite most of NT being the Outback, there are a lot of interesting places to visit from the Martian-looking mountains to lush waterfalls in Litchfield National Park. But what do you do if diving with alligators is not the type of risk you love? You can enjoy the risky activities offered in the cities of the Northern Territory.

As it’s not very populated, there are only two casinos in Northern Territory, but both of them are worth your attention. Follow this article to learn more about the casino you can play in NT, the games available there, as well as some considerations for online casinos in the area.

Land-based casinos in Northern Territory

If you do want to change the explorer’s hat for a night of gambling, there aren’t many options in Northern Territory. There are only two casinos here, one in Alice Springs and one in Darwin. Here’s all you need to know about the two.

Mindil Beach Casino and Resort

Mindil Beach hotel and casino complex offers the best gambling and recreational activities you can get in the city of Darwin. They only have a bit more than a hundred rooms, but it’s more than enough for this city, especially considering the rooms are luxurious. Other facilities include a spa, several restaurants on the premises, a few bars, and the thing you’re reading this article for, the casino!

Mindil’s casino has over 600 pokies with bets from one cent to one dollar and several table games that include roulette, baccarat, blackjack, and poker. If you’re tired of gambling and dining, you can always go for a swim because as the name suggests, this casino is situated on the beach!

Lasseters Hotel Casino

If you ever find yourself passing Alice Springs, choose Lasseters as your accommodation. This hotel-casino that has become the main attraction of Alice Springs has over two hundred rooms and over 13,000 square feet of casino space. You can play over 250 pokies in this fine establishment as well as table games, more than Mindil Beach Casino can offer.

Lasseters offers different versions of roulette, baccarat, and blackjack, as well as multiple variations of poker and similar games like Sic Bo. This place is welcoming to poker players and hosts tournaments quite often.

If you ever feel like you need a break during the day, you can check out the nature around Alice Springs — Mount John is a five-minute hike from the casino! Night-time recreational activities are rather limited in this small city, and you’d be fine by staying in the complex to check out the bars, restaurants, or the gambling lounge.

Games you can play in Northern Territory casino

If you’re a gambler, you care very little about what hikes and restaurants are there around your establishment of choice. The main thing you are interested in is the variety of games the casino can offer. Here’s what you can find in the land-based casinos of Darwin and Alice Springs, NT.


Pokies are the most popular games among Aussie gamblers. So popular, in fact, that once gamblers from Northern Territory spent $300,000 a day on pokies. It’s not shocking that in any NT casino, you will find plenty of them. Over 600 in Mindil Beach, and over 250 in Lasseters. The range of games includes pokies from Aristocrat, Konami, and IGT.

IGT is to be expected in any land-based casino in Australia because it’s a British business that has good ties with Australia and even has an office in Sydney. You may have seen games like Fort Knox in local casinos, that’s the type of fund IGT can provide. Other games you will most likely find in NT casinos are Dragon Link, Dynamite Dollars, and Lightning Link.

Table games

The two casinos you can find in Northern Territory are nowhere near the square feet of some of the most popular casinos in Australia. Despite this, they do offer several table games to entertain their customers. The games include several types of classic casino games like roulette, baccarat, and blackjack. There are also several types of poker in both NT casinos, but you’d have to visit during a busy week to find a good company.

Online casinos in Northern Territory

The problem with gambling in Northern Territory is that the place is huge and only has two casinos. This means that if you’re living in any other city except Alice Springs or Darwin, you’d have to take a trip to the casino to enjoy your hobby. Considering the vastness of the Northern Territory, the trip can be a rather long one.

If you’re not the type to enjoy a long trip with an overnight stay and just want to place a few bets once in a while, you may find that Northern Territory online casinos are the only way you can enjoy this fun activity. Check the list of online casinos in NT provided by CasinoHEX if you want to learn more. It contains online casinos that welcome Aussie gamblers and have all the games you can play in NT and much, much more.

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Guide to gambling in Northern Territory FAQ

Is it legal to play online casinos in Northern Territory?
In NT, and the whole of Australia, only land-based casinos can operate legally. But there’s a way for an Aussie to play online. You just have to find a casino that is registered in Malta or Curacao and welcomes players from NT. If you don’t have the time to look for the best option, feel free to consult with the curated list of Aussie casinos here at CasinoHEX.
What is the legal gambling age in Australia?
It’s illegal to gamble if you’re under 18, and this works for any casino, online or not. Do not attempt to register or make bets if you’re not of the age yet, you will be rejected by all online casinos on our list.
What is the best land-based casino in Northern Territory?
It’s a tough question. If you want to play in Darwin and spend time in the capital of the territory, there isn’t any option but to go with Mindil. If you are in the Alice Springs area and want to see the legendary Lasseters casino, that’s your best pick.
How do I win at a land-based casino?
The key to winning at any casino is being responsible. Don’t drink too much, don’t make irrational bets, and only spend the amount you can afford to lose.
What else can I do at land-based casinos in Northern Territory?
NT is vast and sparsely populated, so there aren’t a lot of businesses investing in grand concert halls and theme parks. If you love hiking, there are some great places around Lasseters. If you love fine dining and nightlife, take a stroll around Mindil Beach, you’re sure to find something to your liking.
What do I do if I have a gambling problem?
First of all, don’t gamble until you’ve cleared any underlying issue that is causing you to act irrationally. For support, talk to your friends and relatives or dial the national gambling support number. You can also talk to Amity, the self-help gambling center in Darwin.