If you’re living in or planning to visit the Australian Capital Territory for gambling purposes, you may find this article useful. There is only one land-based casino in the Australian Capital Territory, but there are many video poker and pokies throughout the city, including Southern Cross Club which has a few venues and operates 680 poker machines. There are also other types of gambling, such as lotteries and sports betting. In the ACT, there are even horse tracks on which you can bet. Also, though ACT laws prohibit the establishment of land-based casinos, you may enjoy ACT online casinos as much as you want.

Land-based casinos in the Australian Capital Territory

Unfortunately, there is only one land-based casino in the ACT, called Casino Canberra. Nonetheless, it is a good place for every gambler and it’s worth checking out.

Casino Canberra

This unique casino is located in the Central Business District of Canberra and was the first legal casino to be established in this territory. This casino has been operating since 1994 and is fairly well known. Compared to other Australian land-based casinos, it’s relatively small. Another thing that makes this casino unique is the fact that it doesn’t have a license to operate poker machines, which means that this casino specializes in table games. For those who have travelled to this casino, or just don’t want to go home yet, there is an option to stay at the Crowne Plaza Canberra.

In Crowne Plaza Canberra, which is located just right next to the Casino Canberra, you may not only spend your night, but also keep your shape at the gym or relax at the pool. There is also a business centre that works 24/7 for all your needs. This hotel offers its guests whatever they need while they stay. Every hotel room is cleaned with hospital-grade disinfectants, so you have nothing to worry about when it comes to hygiene.

As for food, Casino Canberra offers its gamblers two options, you can go to Natural Nine, which is a Chinese pop food restaurant, or visit its Onyx Sports Lounge. Both options are great. In Natural Nine you may enjoy some oriental meals that will surely make your tongue excited. Onyx Sports Lounge is a classical sports pub where you and your mates can watch sports on a big screen while munching on some classic pub food and drinking beer. Sounds like a really great way to spend some time while not being near a roulette table, isn’t it?

Games you can play in the Australian Capital Territory casino
As this casino doesn’t have the license to operate pokies, there are only table games on the casino floor. But you’d be amazed by their quality.

Table games

There is an opinion that table games specifically make a casino a casino, not just a pokies pub.. Casino Canberra provides a great variety of games for gamblers to play. For those who are new to gambling, Casino Canberra offers to sidle up to one of the most glamorous and simplest table games – Baccarat. For old-fashioned players there is also a truly iconic blackjack table game. If you’re not in the mood to play games which require not only good luck but also a consideration of strategy, Canberra Poker is out there for you. Canberra Poker is considered as a simpler version of any other poker game.

If you’ve already visited Casino Canberra once, you definitely should place your bet on The Money Wheel and try your luck while watching the wheel spin. Other classical table games include Roulette, Poker, and Ultimate Texas Hold’em. For many Australian gamblers, pontoon became a classical table game, too. Although it is similar to blackjack, pontoon has a lot of unique options.

Casino Canberra can also surprise you with an unusual Chinese table game called Pai Gow. Despite being confusing at first, this game gained a huge popularity among gamblers.
Want something new to play? Try Casino Canberra’s Stadium Gaming. This game combines a standard table game and a breathtaking technological approach to gambling.

Online casinos in the Australian Capital Territory

If you don’t want to travel to a casino and pay for the hotel room, there is always a great option for every Aussie gambler out there. While there are many restrictions for land-based casinos, you may play at online casinos without any restrictions whatsoever. That is, if it’s not licensed in Australia.

So, for example, playing at an online casino that is licensed in Malta would be completely fine. Just look for an online casino here, at CasinoHEX, and you will surely find some of the most pleasurable and generous online casinos out there! You should watch carefully for casinos that support Australian gamblers, but are not registered in Australia so that you won’t break any laws by winning some extra cash for yourself in that online casino.

On top of that, you can play tons of pokies in online casinos, something that’s hard to find in Canberra Casino.

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Land-based casinos in the Australian Capital Territory FAQ

Is it legal to play online casinos in the Australian Capital Territory?
It is completely legal to gamble in online casinos while you’re in the Australian Capital Territory. The only thing you should be warned about is the fact that you will need to search for an online casino that is not registered in Australia. If you’re playing in a casino that is registered in some other country, no law could stop you from getting a great amount of cash for yourself in some sick pokies.
What is the legal gambling age in Australia
The legal gambling age in Australia is 18 years. If you’re not 18 yet, you cannot gamble in any way, that is illegal and we would ask you not to try to gamble in online casinos because that is against the Australian law.
What is the best land-based casino in the Australian Capital Territory
The best land-based casino in the ACT is, of course, Casino Canberra. That is, because it is the only land-based casino in the ACT, but it certainly doesn’t mean that it is somehow bad. It is really great and we thoroughly recommend you to visit it and see for yourself!
How do I win at a land-based casino?
First thing you need to know is what most casinos don’t want you to know. They need to make money somehow, and when you’re drunk, it’s hard to think straight. If you want to really win a big amount of cash, you will have to be responsible. Don’t drink, concentrate and analyse the risk you’re taking. There are also some techniques on the Internet. Search for them for more specific details.